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Award for Physics Spin-out Company

An instrument manufactured by Anasys Instruments Ltd, a company set up in 2005 by agreement with Lancaster University Business Enterprises Limited, has won the R&D100 Award for being one of the most scientifically innovative products of 2006.

According to R&D magazine: "for 44 years, the prestigious R&D 100 Awards have been helping companies provide the important initial push a new product needs to compete successfully in the marketplace. The winning of an R&D 100 Award provides a mark of excellence known to industry, government, and academia as proof that the product is one of the most innovative ideas of the year."

The winning product is Anasys Instruments' Nano-thermal analyser, a commercial version of a research instrument developed and used within the micro-thermal analysis group in Physics.

Fri 6 July 2007

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